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Stage 4 mathematics

Stage 4 mathematics (Years 7 and 8) course is spread over three content strands and is briefly described below:

Year 7 Maths Scope and Sequence (PDF 567KB)

Year 8 Maths Scope and Sequence (PDF 567KB)


Number and algebra - approximately 34 weeks

Number and Algebra strand deals with students extending their knowledge and skills on computation with integers as well as fractions and decimals. Financial Mathematics is also introduced in this course and algebraic skills enhanced. The concept of linear relationships is also introduced in Stage 4.

Measurement and geometry - approximately 28 weeks

Students continue their study on Length, Area, Volume and Time from Stage 3. Right Angled triangles and its related Pythagoras' Theorem is introduced during stage 4. Properties of Geometrical figures and angle relationships are also developed further during stage 4.

Statistics and probability - approximately 13 weeks

During stage 4, students develop knowledge and understanding of the ways in which relevant and sufficient data can be collected, represented using a wide variety of graphical means and interpreted for decision making. Students develop their skills on single variable data analysis as well as their mathematical knowledge to describe level of certainties for particular events to occur.

For the detailed specifics of the course structure, please refer to the Education Standards Authority website.