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Stage 5 mathematics

During Stage 5, students start to specialise their knowledge of mathematics in preparation for stage 6 (Higher School Certificate Course) or further studies. Students choose to complete stage 5.1/5.2 course or stage 5.3 course depending on the career path they intend to work towards. Stage 5 course is briefly described below:

Year 9 5.1 Maths S and S (PDF 571 KB)

Year 9 5.2 Maths S and S (PDF 572KB)

Year 10 5.1 Maths S and S (PDF 567KB)

Year 10 5.2 Maths S and S (PDF 567KB)

Year 10 5.3 Maths S and S(PDF 570KB)


Number and algebra - approximately 32 weeks

Stage 5.1/5.2 continue developing skills on Financial Mathematics and Rates and Ratios. Algebraic techniques are further studied and so is the concept of equations. Students also extend their knowledge and skills from linear relationships to non-linear relationships. Stage 5.3 continues from 5.1/5.2 course into study of Polynomial, Logarithms and Functions and Graphs.

Measurement and geometry - approximately 26 weeks

Stage 5 course delves deeper into the study of key concepts of area, surface area and volume of various geometrical shapes. The study of Trigonometry and various relationships in triangles takes momentum as well. The properties of Geometrical figures is extended in stage 5 course. Stage 5.3 takes a further step into circle geometry as well.

Statistics and probability - approximately 10 weeks

Stage 5 course continues the study of Univariate data analysis and extends the knowledge and skills into Bivariate data analysis. The concept of probability is also extended from stage 4.

For the detailed specifics of Stage 5 syllabus, please refer to the Education Standards Authority website.