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Stage 6 Mathematics

The stage 6 mathematics course is designed to provide an appropriate mathematical skills for students who wish to further develop their career pathways that require the use of a variety of mathematical and statistical techniques. As well as being introduced to new mathematical content, the various Focus Studies within the course give students the opportunity to apply, and develop further, the knowledge, skills and understanding across the strands in contemporary contexts chosen for their ongoing relevance to the students' everyday lives and likely vocational pathways.


The stage 6 mathematics syllabus is divided into

  • General Mathematics Course in Year 11 and further divided into General 1 and General 2 Mathematics courses in Year 12.
  • Mathematics (2 Unit)
  • Mathematics Extension which gets divided into Extension 1 and Extension 2 during Year 12.


All the courses in stage 6 are designed to promote the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in areas of mathematics that have direct application to the broad range of human activity, including a range of post school pathways requiring a variety of mathematical and statistical techniques. Students will learn to use a range of techniques and tools, including relevant technologies, in order to develop solutions to a wide variety of problems relating to their present and future needs and aspirations.


Y11 Maths Standard S&S (pdf 680 KB)

Y11 Maths S&S (pdf 658 KB)

Y11 Maths Ext 1 S&S (pdf 667 KB)


Y12 Maths S&S (pdf 668 KB)

Y12 Maths General S&S (pdf 673 KB)

Y12 Maths Ext 1 S&S (pdf 782 KB)

Y12 Maths Ext 2 S&S (pdf 662 KB)