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Our staff

Get to know our school staff. We're all here to help.

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Elderslie High School staff 


Mrs Jennifer Lawrence

Deputy Principals

Mrs Joanne Amos

Ms Natalie Martin

Ms Elizabeth Siope (Relieving)

Mr Matthew Sambuco (Relieving) 


Mrs Carmen Thorne

Ms Julia Cifuentes-Post

Head Teacher Welbeing, Learning and Support

Ms Christina Needham 

Head Teacher Administration

Mr Fred Tan - Relieving 

Head Teacher Teaching and Learning

Mrs Andrea Usher (Relieving)

Ms Teresa Wilson (Relieving)

Senior Studies Teacher

Ms Teresa Wilson


Ms Rebecca Whitfield


Ms Danielle Lysaught 

Technology Support Officer

Mr Adrian Ackhavong

Creative and performing arts

Ms Samantha Dennis (Head Teacher)

Ms Alisha Grimston-Eason (Year 11 Assistant Student Adviser + Dance Coordinator)

Ms Criselle Gulley

Ms Carolyn Prigg (Vocal Ensemble Coordinator)

Ms Julie-Anne Massimiani

Mr Rhyss Webb (Orchestra Coordinator)

English - Languages

Ms Sonja Dokmanovic (Head Teacher)

Miss Julie Bun (Year 12 Assistant Student Adviser)

Ms Margaret Draper

Ms Zahrah Khan

Ms Belinda Koloska

Ms Hannah Mahoney

Mr Adriel Mani (Year 12 Student Adviser)

Mr Frederick Tan (Computer Coordinator) 

Ms Maria Santos

Ms Anne Seton

Human society and its environment 

Mr Adam Miller (Head Teacher)

Miss Geraldine Borland (Year 8 Student Adviser)

Mrs Melissa Bright (Year 7 Student Adviser)

Mrs Margaret Buist (Year 10 Student Adviser)

Mr Luke Debono

Ms Nicola Kwasniak

Ms Maxine Malcom  (Year 11 Student Adviser)

Ms Claire Mulligan 

Ms Katie O’Brien

Ms Ashlee Roberts

Mrs Andrea Usher 

Learning Support (LaSTs)

Mrs Paula Garner - (Supervisor of Female Students)

Ms Roselle Reyes-Davids

Ms Maria Green (Year 9 Assistant Student Adviser)

School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs)

Ms Simone Bourne

Miss Jacalia Fenton

Mr Ethan Mavala

Ms Kerry Matthew

Ms Kayleen Power 

Miss Julia Stoker

Ms Mayuko Senviratne

Ms Jan Wallace    

Personal development, health and physical education 

Ms Zoe Crossingham (Head Teacher)

Ms Victoria Jeffries (Relieving Head Teacher)

Mr Scott Atterton 

Mr Luke Cockburn (Sports Organiser & Year 10 Assistant Student Adviser)

Mr James East

Ms Kiv Garcia

Ms Hana Maksimovic

Ms Claudia Towle


Mr Matthew Sambuco (Head Teacher) 

Mr Adrian Elphege (Relieving Head Teacher)

Mr Sameh Ahmed

Miss Hamera Baig

Ms Kayla Caruana

Mr Wayne Douglas

Science / Agriculture 

Ms Rebecca Ferris (Head Teacher)

Mr David Buckley (Relieving Head Teacher)

Mrs Megan Atkinson (Agriculture Coordinator)

Ms Shannon Last  (Year 8 Assistant Student Adviser)

Mr Wally Kairouz

Ms Mary Trinh

Mr Andrew Scott

Ms Jennifer Woo (Anti-Racism Contact Officer)

Ms Manu Vake

Support unit 

Ms Natalie Robinson (Head Teacher)

Ms Donna Castillo (Year 9 Student Adviser)

Mr Neil Grimes

Mr Shaun Mitchell 

School Learning Support Officers Support Unit

Mrs Lee-Anne Hovey

Mrs Susan Kinnear

Ms Lisa Matthews                                 

Mrs Simone Murphie                                                                                                

Technology and applied studies

Ms Rickelle Jolley (Head Teacher)

Mrs Carly Assaad

Ms Marilyn Atherton

Ms Kim Castelli

Ms Samantha Emery

Mr Troy Huynh

Ms Katie Morris

Mr Colin Morse

School Chaplain,  Student Wellbeing officer and Student Support Officer (SSO)  

Mr Cameron McKerral (Chaplain)

Intensive Learning Support Program 

TBA (Literacy)

Mrs Helle Juske (Numeracy)

School Assistants

Mrs Denise Russell (Business Manager) 

Mrs Sue Solah (School Administration Manager) 

Ms Catherine Erskine

Ms Bernadette Lavorato 

Mrs Belinda McKay

Ms Tracey Petruszenko

Ms Anika Pierre

Mrs Karen Pincham 

Miss Helena Smith

Mrs Kelly Stoker

Mrs Cheryl Wagstaff 

Mr Logan Ockers (Farm Assistant)

Mr Wayne Coghlan (General Assistant)