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Future Focused Learning

Our vision

Every good journey must start somewhere. At Elderslie High School we are wanting to build upon the skills of our young students to generate enthusiasm for learning and create the memorable moments in the classroom that interest and motivate them each day. We want to prepare our students for tomorrow's world with a strong emphasis on building their skills in Creativity, Critical Reflection, Collaboration and Communication. These are the soft skills that underpin the jobs of the future. The skills that our students need to help them adapt in our ever changing world. Our plan is simple, make our lessons engaging, fun and interesting, the learning and thirst for more will be the result.

A recent referenced research study at the University of Cambridge has estimated that in this decade or the next we should expect approximately 47% of all current jobs to disappear or become automated. Other jobs will emerge therefore, at Elderslie High School we want our students to thrive in tomorrow's world and not be left behind. We want to embrace technology, learning and social tools that will assist them to thrive in our future world.

We want learning to be interesting and motivating. Lessons regularly integrate technology and reflective pedagogies to link student to higher order thinking goals. We have invested well in ensuring students have access to new and innovative learning technologies across the school and it is a strong emphasis in our 2021-2024 School Plan.

To find out more go to the Elderslie High School Future Focused Learning website.