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Isabella Wisniewska

Isabella Wisniewka, Class of 2011

Achievements at Elderslie High School

Elderslie High School, School Captain

I was honoured to act as School Captain of Elderslie High School with fellow student Joel Berrell.

NSW State Student Representative Delegate (2011)

In 2011 I was elected as one of twenty-two representatives from all over New South Wales to represent the Student Representative Council group in Sydney. I was trained by the Department of Education and Training and alumni NSW State SRC delegates about student leadership and youth empowerment.

Macarthur Inter-School Group (ISG) Student Representative Council President (2011-2013)

I was elected to act as President of the Macarthur ISG group within the first meeting I attended.

I was honoured to facilitate local student representatives and allow them to learn about the importance of advocacy, upskilling other student leaders, liaising with school communities and facilitating and planning for project management.

South West Sydney State Debater (2011)

In 2011 I was recruited to represent the South Western Sydney area as a debater to compete at the NSW State Debating Competition. I was one of the 4 representatives chosen from the region and enjoyed the opportunity to work with a skilled and talented debating team.

YMCA NSW Youth Parliament Representative (2012 & 2013)

In 2012 I was chosen to represent the Campbelltown Electorate within the Lower House of the NSW Parliament with the Women’s Affair Committee in Youth Parliament. In 2013 I was further chosen to represent Wollondilly within the Multicultural Affairs Committee within the NSW Upper House.

YMCA NSW Youth Parliament allowed me the opportunity to make life-long friendships, learn more about student advocacy and ultimately led me to volunteer for the organisation for the next five years to ensure future participants have the same opportunities I was afforded.

Achievements Post-Elderslie High School

Electorate Officer for NSW and Federal Members of Parliament

For the past three years I have worked in the capacity as an electorate officer and political advisor for NSW and Federal Members of Parliament.

In doing so, my role includes acting as a media and public relations advisor, strategist, campaign organiser, advancer, policy writer, legal researcher, constituent case manager, event organiser and community liaison.

Working as a public servant is a great honour and I am thrilled to be  working in my dream environment. 

YMCA NSW Youth & Government Taskforce Member

Between the years of 2014 and 2018, I have volunteered in the capacity as a taskforce member for the YMCA NSW Youth and Government programs, namely Parliament Primary Schools, Junior Parliament and Youth Parliament. In doing so, my roles have included overseeing all media and public relations associated with YMCA Youth and Government programs, developing media and public relations strategies, liaising with YMCA NSW brand and engagement representatives, overseeing a team of four volunteers and training 100 students about the Parliamentary process at a time.

Intern to His Honour Judge Hatzistergos at Department of Justice NSW

I undertook an internship with His Honour, previously Attorney General of NSW Hatzistergos. I experienced the processes and administrative work involved in the District Court. I was also required to assist His Honour with legal research and writing judgements.

I was greatly honoured to experience the judicial system from the angle of a Judge as it provided me with a different perspective as a law student.

Media and Public Relations Advisor at Melbourne Grand Prix (Motorsport)

As a nationally accredited Formula One Journalist with Talking Torque Journalism, I have been afforded the opportunity to represent female journalists at the 2018 Rolex Australian Grand Prix. This role allowed me to meet with Formula One drivers, interview them, gain backstage access to races and pre-race events and undertake photography and videography at the events. I was also able to liaise and network with major sporting providers, television and journalism networks and racing teams.

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