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Alex Biffin

Alex Biffin, Class of 2004

Achievements at Elderslie High School

•1999-2004 – Student at Elderslie High School

•Some of my best memories from school were the times I played Rugby League coached by Mr Geography Russell in the Junior years who helped teach us the skills and 'Arty', Mr Dave Arthur (PE teacher). He was a great coach and we all respected his skills and leadership capacity. We were good mates in the team and entered quite a few competitions, with mixed results of course. I like to think we did the school proud however. It was always good to hear that announcement about Rugby League training coming up in the Daily Notices.

•Because of my (farming) background I was always involved in Agriculture, and Ag and Primary Industries were my best subjects in the HSC. The Ag teachers, Mr Buckley, Mr and Mrs Dickinson and Ms Atkinson got us involved in cattle breeding and Shows  among other things, and I got to go to an Ag Camp where I met other kids with similar interests. Going to be a jackeroo in the Northern Territory after my HSC was a fantastic opportunity.

•I was a pretty good swimmer in all strokes, but particularly backstroke, and I competed at school, zone, regional and state level from about Year 8 to Year 12. There was a lot of competition between myself and kids like Hamish Vermuelen, Kieran Frost and Sam Allingham and we all did a lot of training. We made a great relay team!!!

•School wasn't my favourite place but I got there in the end and made some good friendships. I was able to head out into the world with some sound qualifications, academic and otherwise. 

Achievements post Elderslie High School

•2005 -Jackaroo. Mt Sandford Station (Heytesbury Beef), 500 or so kilometres south west of Katherine NT Australia

•2006 – 2008 - A variety of jobs, then two years of a Bachelor of Health Science PDHPE Western Sydney University

•2009 – 2011 - Performer, R M Williams Australian Outback Spectacular, Gold Coast QLD Australia

•2012 - present: Performer, Australia's Thunder from Down Under (also known as Manpower Australia) Tour Group USA, Canada, and Australia, then more recently permanently based in Las Vegas NV USA with the same company

•March 2016 - completed a course in Remedial Massage at the Nevada School of Massage. Planning on taking on clients very soon, in between 'Thunder From Down Under' commitments.


Alex Biffin at school

Alex Biffin today