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Aimee Smith

Aimee Smith, Class of 2010

Achievements at Elderslie High School

*   Drama student in Years 7-12: performed at the South West Sydney Drama Festival in 2009

*   Glinda in the school production of The Wizard of Oz in 2010

*   Member of the EHS Vocal Ensemble

Truthfully, I was never the top kid in class, or the loudest, or the most creative. I remember being the girl who was passionate about so many things and experienced a lot of self-doubt when I wanted to try out for the things I loved. Every year I thought about participating in the Talent Quest and the Musical and Ballroom Dancing, yet it was only in my final year of school that I finally had the confidence to audition for The Wizard of Oz.

High school consolidated my love of performance and helped me recognise that it was okay to go after the things I wanted, and so I effectively put this into practice as extra-curricular activities in my last few years of school, having been a part of:

*   Campbelltown Theatre’s The Wiz (’19), Pinafore (’10) and Oklahoma (’11)

*   C4 Choir: Performed at The Cube and other functions.

Looking back, I wish I just launched in and did everything I wanted to do without fear, however that has actually become a huge life lesson for me. I now intentionally set myself up for opportunities that test my comfort zone, because they always yield the best results, and my career today is a testament to that lesson!

Achievements post Elderslie High School

Primary School Teacher 
*   Graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Primary Education (2014)

*   Full-Time Teacher: Campbelltown North Public School to Bradbury Public School (2014-2018)

*  Was both the Choir Teacher and Drama Teacher for Years K-2, co-organised the school-wide extravaganza at Event Cinemas at Macarthur Square, solely designed the choreography for the school’s Year 1-2 students for the extravaganza’s performance and created scope and sequences for Drama for the school’s programs that catered to the aforementioned grades (2017-2018)

Full Time Professional Voice Actor

*  Flew to America to record at the Okratron 5000 studio for the sequel to a multi-console game I’d worked on years before, Freedom Planet (2016)

*  I frequently teach classes for aspiring voice talent wanting to voice in video games (Voices of Tomorrow, Voicebooth, Vision 8 Studios)

*   Delivered Q&As, panels and workshops at the majority of the biggest pop culture conventions in

Australia: PAX - where my room was maxed out with over 300 attendees - SMASH, OCC Pop Up, Oz-Comic Con, Central Coast Comic-Con, Freeplay and Border Dimensions

*  Featured on the front page of the Macarthur Chronicle for my Voice Acting Career (2018) and an article was written about me and the Campbelltown Library in the Camden Advertiser later that year as part of International Games Week

*  Main Video Game Credits (Over 100 titles): Mobile Legends, SMITE, Battlerite, Cloudpunk, Adeptus Titanicus Dominus, Tera: Endless War, Heroes Arena

*   Main Animation Credits: Sunset Paradise, Lil Wild and the Funimation English dub of the anime Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

*  Main Commercial Company Clients: Telstra, Contiki, Brown Brothers, Highgrove Bathrooms, Campos Coffee, Petsmart

*  Recorded 6 audiobooks on Audible and have narrated a few of these titles at Penguin Random House

*   Represented by one of the top Voiceover agencies in the country: EM Voices

My Website: https://www.aimeesmithva.com/

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