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Tilly Kidd

Tilly Kidd, Class of 2010

Achievements at Elderslie High School

Finishing my Extension 2 English Major work

•After a year of writing, piecing paragraphs together, deleting parts, finding themes, finding characters, and more writing, writing, and writing, I managed to complete a 7,000 word short story with the ever present support and wisdom of Mr Cutrupi. It was an accomplishment I am still proud of today and it set me up with a life time love of everything to do with English.

Performing at Onstage

•After having such a close relationship with a character for a year throughout the Drama Individual Project I wasn't quite ready to let her go when the HSC came to an end. It was such a pleasure to find out that I could bring her to life once more in front of a huge crowd of people at Onstage, a HSC Drama show case. I am very thankful for Miss Dennis who put in so much time for her students and made the experience possible. 

Achievements post Elderslie High School

Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Literature and Performance

Having more independence than I ever had before, meeting lots of people who shared similar interests with me, developing life long friends and working out how to learn independently. Uni is a blast!

UOW Nothing To See Here Festival

This is a festival at Wollongong University that accepts a range of works from all areas of the creative arts faculty to show case. I wrote and directed a 10 minute play called Ashes to Ashes for the Festival in 2012. I found the creative process of writing and directing this play such an enjoyable experience and the festival was a great way to see what other students were creating as well.

Certificate IV in Teaching English as a Second Language

After my undergraduate degree I did a six month online course in teaching English as a Second Language. On my practical, I taught a group of 20 adult learners at a private language college. The students were from many different countries such as Italy, turkey, China,  Venezuela and Spain. It was such a rewarding experience and it confirmed that I wanted to be a teacher. After this, I signed up for my masters of teaching at Western Sydney University which I am currently in my final semester.

NOW: Performing Arts Teacher Wollongong Performing Arts High School



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