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Faculty of mathematics

A messageĀ from Mrs. J Amos

Head of Mathematics, Elderslie High School.

Welcome to the Maths Faculty.

The Mathematics courses offered at Elderslie High School are designed to provide students with essential mathematical skills and knowledge across three strands - Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

The courses aim to create confidence and enjoyment in doing mathematical and numerical activities by developing the numeracy skills that all students need in their personal and civic life, and provide the foundation for further mathematical specialties and professional applications. Students are encouraged to develop their mathematical thinking, understanding, confidence, and competence in solving mathematical problems.

Mathematics courses also aim to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in the following areas:

  • logical, flexible, fluent and original thinking
  • computation and problem solving skills
  • appropriate language for the effective communication of mathematical ideas and experiences
  • an ability to recognise mathematical patterns and relationships
  • a variety of methods for calculation and problem solving
  • an awareness of the basic structure of Mathematics by an appreciation of the nature and interrelationship of the various strands of Mathematics.

Mathematics is a compulsory subject for all students in NSW from Year 7 to Year 10 (but optional in Year 11 and Year 12). The Mathematics syllabus recognises that the students develop mathematical skills at different rates to those in other subjects. For this reason the Mathematics course is a continuum of learning that occurs from the beginning of primary school to the completion of Year 10.

At Elderslie High School, the Mathematics Faculty fully supports the spirit of the learning continuum by offerring differentiated learning for all students. Year 7 and 8 classes are structured to follow the Stage 4 syllabus. All classes follow the same program that is then modified or extended based on the needs and abilities of the students.

Year 9 and 10 follow the Stage 5 syllabus, with two separate pathways of study and these are offered to students dependent on their results at the end of Year 8. The classes in the top stream follow the 5.3 program and the next stream of classes follow the 5.2/5.1 program.

There are two main Mathematics courses in the senior school: General Mathematics, which the majority of students choose and Mathematics (2 Unit), which is for the more mathematically able students. Students who are strong mathematicians and enjoy their mathematics can also do the Mathematics Extension 1 course. Sometimes for exceptional students the further Mathematics Extension 2 course may be offered in Year 12.

At Elderslie High School, we endeavour to provide a high quality Mathematics education to all students and understand that every student has their own unique learning needs and therefore, individual students are catered for while designing and implementing the teaching programs.