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Transition to our school

Overcoming the obstacles on the journey from primary school to high school is easier than you think.

Earlier this year a group of Year 7 students at our school were asked by their English teacher (Mr Kafataris) to produce a reflective writing passage which dealt with the issues faced by students making the transition from primary school to high school. 

The work they produced was outstanding. One of these students, Gabbie Price, created a speech on this theme for her 'Personal Voice and Autobiography' unit. It was so effective that she has been invited to deliver the speech to a variety of feeder schools in our area.

Speech about high school

The sound of pens clicking, teachers sighing and an occasional moan here and there. These are the sounds of high school, a brand new ocean to swim.

The differences between primary and high school are big; don't be scared though the transition isn't as hard as you think.

High school is generally a lot bigger than primary schools. Get to know where your rooms are and what blocks they are in, once you understand this you'll be fine, and getting to class on time.

In class,you don't get much guidance from teachers when you work, but working independently makes you gain confidence and the teachers make the work interesting.

Another difference is you have to take your bag everywhere, so as you would imagine you have to be organised and prepared. You have no excuses to forget your books. You must pack according to your timetable, sometimes your timetable can be confusing but once you get used to it, it's easy to understand.

High school gives people opportunities that range from stage crew to dance ensemble, these opportunities lead to individuality and creativity and help shape your identity.

So dive into the ocean of creativity that is high school!

Gabriella Price