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Anti-Racism Contact Officers

Anti-Racism Contact Officers 

In line with NSW DoE policy, all forms of racism are unacceptable at Elderslie High School. No student, employee, parent, caregiver or community member should experience racism, including direct or indirect harassment within the learning and working environments of the department.

Members of staff in all public schools must undergo training to become the school’s ARCO (Anti-Racism Contact Officer). Ms Woo is the ARCO at Elderslie High and can be found in the Science staffroom. 

The ARCO’s role has four main aspects as follows:

mediator role

procedural role

educational role

monitoring role.

Most importantly, Elderslie High School staff will continue to promote acceptance of and respect for Australia’s cultural, linguistic and religious diversity. Anti-racism education is taught in our classrooms directly and indirectly and we make every effort to ensure our school is free from discrimination. It is the Anti-Racism Contact Officer’s role to support staff, students, and any member of the school community who wishes to raise a complaint of racism or just talk about their experiences of racism as a target or bystander.

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