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First Nations Education

General Information

First Nations Artwork

The role of the First Nations Education Coordinator is to promote First Nation education, provide students with the opportunity to access services,  encourage students and support parents. The Aboriginal Education Coordinator also leads the development and implementation of PLP’s within the school. The Aboriginal Education Coordinator at Elderslie High School is Ms Z Crossingham who can be contacted on the school email address: elderslie-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au

Elderslie High School also has the support of an Aboriginal Education Student Liaison Support Officer. Ms J Wallace supports the students in class and also in the playground. She also implements targeted programs to support students and parents.

Links to External Support Organisations

Students completing artwork

MTC Opportunity Hub

Opportunity Hub attend the school once a week for one on one career mentoring to assist students to successfully progress into further education or employment. They can organise work experience, develop resumes for the student, provide job opportunities and assist with applications.

Students are also invited to workshops and career expos where they can make connections with employers and education providers.

Opportunity Hub also delivers workshops to Stage 4 students to reduce risk taking behaviour.


UWS Pathways to Dreaming

The Pathways to Dreaming program offers Year 7-12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students access to and awareness of educational and career opportunities throughout their high school journey. Through educational and cultural activities and skill-building workshops, Pathways to Dreaming offers students a chance to develop academic confidence and supports students with the tools and resources necessary to make informed decisions about their education and career options. Students are also supported through the transition to higher education or the workforce after completion of high school. Students who successfully transition into higher education at Western Sydney University (including the College) are offered continued and ongoing support where required.

The program includes campus visits and also workshops conducted at school.


GO Foundation

The GO Foundation provides scholarships for students to ensure First Nations student’s have access to support/equipment needed to successfully complete their high school education. Students can apply for these scholarships for year 9 and year 11.  If successful students receive scholarship funds, access to online tuition and attendance at cultural workshops.


Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation

Mentors attend on a weekly basis to have a yarn with students about a variety of cultural topics.

The corporation also assist community members with several support services available.


Department of Education Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer

Lisa Smith is Elderslie High School’s Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer. She is situated at the Department of Education’s Glenfield Office. Lisa’s role is to support the needs to the school and Aboriginal students. Lisa presents cultural workshops to the students. She also provides the school with a variety of support services to support individual student needs.

Botanical Gardens Community Greening Program

The school has developed a strong relationship with the Botanical Gardens Community Greening Program. Students have worked with mentors to develop a bush tucker garden. The program is involved in the maintenance of this garden and also runs  variety of other workshop in he school such as bush tucker cooking.


Personalised Learning Pathways

Students working on garden

Personalised Learning Pathways are an active process. They are developed in a consultation process between the student, parents/carers and teachers, to identify, organise and apply personal approaches to learning and engagement. Personalised Learning Pathways can have short term or long term goals. Short term goals can be specific stepping stones to reach long term goals. These are developed each year and ongoing monitoring and review occurs.  Use this link to view a sample of the proforma used to create a PLP.

Students working on the First Nations Garden