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Erin Garrity

Erin Garrity, Class of 2011

Achievements at Elderslie High School

•         2011 School Captain

·         Member of the EHS Ballroom Dance Ensemble – 2006-2011

·         Participated in School Spectacular 2006-2008

·         Selection for the Junior State Drama Ensemble

·         Participated in public speaking competitions and was a member of the EHS Debating Team – 2007-2011

·         Selected for State Drama Festival 2010

Achievements post Elderslie High School

•      Upon the completion of my HSC at Elderslie High School, I attended the University of New South Wales and completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and History. My undergraduate degree allowed me to meet new people of diverse backgrounds and extended my own conceptual understanding of literature and the uniqueness of the world in which we exist. I went on to complete a Masters of Teaching at the University of New South Wales and began my career as a High School English Teacher. My experiences as a teacher have challenged my perceptions of society and imbued me with deep empathy and compassion. Through my students I have learnt that even the smallest of steps forward are worthwhile and that growth is more important than high achievements.

Beyond my career, one of my greatest achievements is my ability to listen to others and appreciate their perspective. My extra-curricular activities at school taught me how to voice my beliefs and opinions; however, through listening I have flourished even further. By paying attention to the wisdom of others, my preconceptions and values have been challenged, which has allowed me to approach every day with a positive attitude and open mind. The most insignificant of conversations have led me to reflect upon my trajectory and re-evaluate my own attitudes and perceptions.  

Erin Garrity at school

Erin Garrity today